about Sim8085

In fact, this program was my graduation project. I designed it so that it may help people who take any Intel 8085 related course or laboratory.
"Software Simulation Implementation of Intel 8085 Microprocessor Instruction Execution on Intel 80386 Based CPU’s and Under Win32 Operating System Environment"

this is a 3-in-1 program:

  • an editor: You can write your code in an user friendly environment with all the tools that you would need. Editor has all the known editor commands, and also has the "syntax highlighting" capability. You can configure the text format and color for all reserved assembly words.
  • a compiler: You can check your code for 8085 assembly language syntax. While checking the syntax, code list and code object files can be generated automatically, if you want.
  • a debugger: Here is the main part of the program; the commands you write are converted into machine code and saved into a virtual 64KB memory. Debugger consists of five parts internally: Code, data, stack, register and flag panes. All the work and changes can be viewed via these panes.

what is new in version 2.2.1?

  • Erroneous execution of "RAR" command is fixed.
  • Erroneous execution of "STAX" command is fixed.
  • Registration related stuff within the program is removed.
  • Ability of "news/version check" is added.
  • Sim8085 has its own forum now, you can ask questions and/or share your experiences with other users.
  • "On the fly" code manipulation in the debug mode is temporarily disabled until next version./li>


  • "On the fly" code manipulation in the debug mode will be improved.
  • Total execution time of the instractions will be calculated and displayed in the debug mode. µp clock frequency will be able to entered by the user.
  • Simple "code execution delay calculator" will be added. According to the entered values of µp clock frequency and required delay time, loop counters will be calculated.
  • Debugger window layout will be redesigned so, user will be able to resize it.


Sim8085 download indir Sim8085_mp_Simulator.exe version 2.2.1, released on July 2007
You can also see the project report for more information or download it in MS Word format: Project Report.zip