Sim8085 - Intel 8085 Simulator (editor+compiler+debugger)

In fact, this program was my graduation project. I designed it so that it may help people who take any Intel 8085 related course or laboratory.

Subject : "Software Simulation Implementation of Intel 8085 Microprocessor Instruction Execution on Intel 80386 Based CPU’s and Under Win32 Operating System Environment".

This is a "Three-in-One" program:

Sim8085 editor mode screen snapshot : Sim8085 Editor Mode, click to enlarge the picture ...

Sim8085 debugger mode screen snapshot : Sim8085 Debugger Mode, click to enlarge the picture ...


This is "v2.2 release 1" of the program and it's completely freeware! I'm working on some improvements related to debug mode now, but they are temporarily disabled until next release.

What is new in version 2.2.1 ?

To-Do's :

  Sim8085_mp_Simulator.exe (2,273,938 bytes)
{ version 2.2.1, released on July 2007 }

 You can also see the project report for some more information or download it in MS Word format:

  Project (680,722 bytes)